Year One

The Show and Tell Poetry Series is celebrating the passing of its first year of bringing page poetry to Peterborough, and we want, nay, NEED you to be there!

We’ll be taking a break from our forever home at Curated (who just moved to George Street! Congrats Melinda!), in order to bring the series into our actual home. Those at the helm of our series, Justin Million and Elisha Rubacha, will be our featured readers and hosts for the night! Justin and Elisha will be reading their work and taking you through some very exciting changes to come from our series, all from the comfort of their backyard garden… OUTDOOR READING! It’s summer, so why wouldn’t we?

There will be live entertainment on site also, to play you all into and out of our space, and to make you feel all cozy as you mingle, because the more artists the better!

We will have publications for sale at our book table, but we’ll also leave room on the table in case any other poets in attendance (friends of the series or not) want to make their words available to our audience, because we’re all in this together.

There will be food and drink available also, but we would like to encourage attendees to bring food and drink to add to our event. Anyone who brings food or drink to share with the audience will be compensated with an item from our book table, because sharing IS poetry.

Those who would like to stick around after the event and talk about our plans, motivations, ideas, hopes, dreams, are STRONGLY encouraged to do so. Then Justin and Elisha will have an excuse to show off their adorable dog Nutmeg, their quaint living space, and maybe they’ll make a late dinner for everyone who sticks around…? Oh… Yes, I have confirmation, they WILL cook you dinner, as long as you talk about poems as you eat. Deal?

As mentioned, we’ll be making BIG announcements concerning future projects, collaborations, and ideas. Basically we’ll be rolling out our plans for the coming year, and we can’t wait to show and tell (nudgenudge) you about all of our exciting plans for flooding Electric City with poetry!

…and we’ll be looking for your help in doing so! If you think you might want to be involved in helping us spread poetry out in Peterborough, this is an event you should attend! We would love to see young poets make it out to this event, maybe from our friends at Trent University, or from Fleming College, or from high schools across the city. We would also love to see other poets (page or spoken word) and artists at the event, as we’ll be looking to reach out to you in the coming months to get some of our projects off the ground. Or if you’re a wealthy philanthropist, we will have cameras on hand to record you endowing our humble organization with a gigantic donation by passing us a large novelty cheque, if you so desire. Unfortunately money and art are linked at the hip, and we need funds to bring you the best poetry this city (and environs) has to offer, so we will have a donation jar on hand at the entrance to the event, in lieu of a cover charge. Please give what you can, and we will do the same.

Also, if you are a part of any kind of media organization, and you want to cover the event, or advertise on our behalf, or interview Justin or Elisha about the event, PLEASE do! PLEASE reach out to us! Justin and Elisha are polite and friendly bon-vivants who want to know you too!

We look forward to starting a big, exciting relationship with you, Peterborough. We’re opening our home to you… where will you take us?


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