National Poetry Month (NaPoMo) at Show and Tell Poetry Series


Hello STPSers!

As you can see from our poster featured above, we have big plans for National Poetry Month (NaPoMo)!

If you are wondering what our Shut Up and Write (A Letter), Art for Introverts, or GROUP TYPE! events are all about, please keep reading. The accompanying readings on April 2nd and 16th are self-explanatory: people reading poetry.

You will also be able to find our event listings on the Show and Tell Poetry Series page on Facebook.

The website, as you can see, is still under construction. We will be fleshing out our ‘Gallery’, and ‘Events’ pages soon. Please bear with us.

***If you would like a handout outlining our upcoming events, or if you would like to learn more about us, please visit us at The Garnet on March 31st featuring Esther Vincent, Nick Taylor, and Myanna Hansen at 7PM at The Garnet! There’s so much happening!

Poetry is exploding in Peterborough these days. We are but one happy tendril of this explosion.

Check us out! We would love to see you.

Event descriptions:

Shut Up and Write (A Letter) – Tuesday, April 2nd, 5PM-6:30PM at The Garnet

An event pioneered in San Francisco and carried forward in larger city centres like Toronto, Shut Up and Write is just what it sounds like: bring something to write, write in proximity to other writers, and show solidarity with local writers by meeting and sharing a creative space together.

What should you bring to write? It could be anything from a poem, to a letter, to a detailed grocery list. The aim of this event is to get together and write something. That’s it.


as you can see, we have added “(A Letter)” to our event title, because we would like you to consider writing a letter to a local artist that you admire, or that you would like to thank for their service to the Peterborough arts community. Don’t have their address? No problem, we’ll make sure it’s delivered on your behalf.

We will have typewriters, paper, pencils, pens, and other ephemera on hand for you to carve into.

No stakes. No microphones. Just you and your need to put pen to paper.

We will also have handouts outlining as many of the creative writing endeavors taking place in the city (and environs) as possible, so you can figure out how best to plug in to our growing creative writing scene here in Peterborough.

This is a free/PWYC event.

This event will be followed by a reading from 7-8PM called STPS Peterborough Showcase: featuring Jonathan Bennett, Melissa Johnston, and Justin Million.


Art for Introverts – Tuesday, April 16th, 5-6:30PM at The Garnet

STPS is proud to partner with Melissa Johnston, who approached us about the idea for this event, and wrote this amazing call. Thanks, Melissa!

Calling all introverted, socially awkward, anti-social, occasionally misanthropic creative types!

Do you spend a dubious amount of time alone, doing your creative thing?

Do you sometimes wish you could be alone around other people doing their creative things?

Do you identify with none of the above, but want to try something new?

Then Art for Introverts is for you!

Come to the Garnet on April 16th between 5 and 6:30PM and bring your sketchbook, notebook, scrapbook, and/or needlepoint project.  Art/craft supplies and paper will be available for sharesies, and if you’re willing to share your own collection of supplies, bring ’em along.

Justin Million will be on hand to guide you through some creative poetry-writing techniques.  We will also have local musician Wes Grist on hand, who will be making music to ‘art’, and will happily answer your questions about their creative process.

And if you just want to hide in the corner and doodle, that’s what this event is all about.

Extroverts are welcome, but should be accompanied by an introvert.

This event will be followed by a reading from 7-8PM in partnership with Peterborough’s amazing bird, buried press, titled STPS / bird, buried press Chapbook Launch featuring Katherine Heigh, Andrew Ihamaki, and Logan Heigh. Katherine Heigh will be launching her bird, buried press chapbook “PTBO NSA”! We will post the event page for this event on Facebook and other online platforms AFTER our event on April 2nd, just to keep things fresh, and to keep you (and us!) focused on the events at-hand. Clear?


GROUP TYPE! – Tuesday, April 30th, 8-10PM at The Garnet

Upwards of a dozen writers armed with typewriters will descend upon The Garnet for a poetry experience unlike any other.

Our contributing poets will cram onto the stage, and at around 8PM will begin writing improvisational poems (think STPS’ KEYBOARDS! events!) which, upon finishing a poem, they will read on the mic, and then set on a stool at the foot of the stage for the audience to take away for a small donation.

An odd idea, yes. Then let us clarify further:

– So, let’s say contributing poet Justin Million finishes his improvisational, typewritten poem first.
– Million would take that poem immediately to the mic to read it live (without editing) and leave it on the stool at the foot of the stage to be taken away by a member of the audience.
– BUT, as Million is reading his poem on the mic, perhaps contributing poets Elisha Rubacha and Janette Platana finish their unique poems and line up behind Justin to wait their turn to read their work…
– THEN, perhaps as Justin finishes his poem and goes back to his typewriter to start on another, Rubacha reads her poem. As she is doing so, perhaps contributing poet Jillian Kew has finished her poem, so she would join the queue at the mic behind Rubacha and Platana…
– and so on!
It’s like a Rube Goldberg poetry machine!
Ever wondered what a dozen typewriters typing sounds like?
Join us at our NaPoMo finale event to find out!

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