The Show and Tell Poetry Series is proud to be Peterborough’s only page-poetry reading series. We are always hard at work bringing the best poets in the region to Peterborough, and taking special care to showcase the best poets that are already working and living here in Electric City.

Our poetry reading series creates inroads for our audiences into the creative process of the writers we showcase, offering a more complete picture of the artist than most traditional reading series. STPS is all about revealing the poet as person, providing glimpses into their lives beyond the text.

This unique reading model seeks to achieve myriad entry points into the artist’s process and craft. In the first year of the series, this was done by asking the artist to curate a space in the venue with interactive stations for the audience to peruse before and after the show. These five stations included: a recreation of the poet’s writing desk to flesh out their process and creative space, rough notes and drafts to show the fallibility of the artist (What a concept! They’re just like the rest of us!), a visual element that has or continues to inspire the writer, and the poet’s favorite food and drink for our audience to enjoy. We closed the experience with a short interview with the writer to give the audience an opportunity to ask the poet about the stations, or about the work read during the event. These stations are just the beginning of our efforts to break down the walls between the artist and their audience, in order to foster a more genuine, inclusive, and inspired community of page-poets. In future, we intend to push this concept to the nth degree by customizing each reading to the featured poet’s personality and lifestyle, ideally animating various Peterborough spaces in the process.

We will be striving to bring forward a wide variety of poetic experiences that use this interactive event model, though we will also be looking to evolve and grow with our poetry community as it changes and demands more from its artists and audiences. In a city already rich with slam and spoken-word poetry happenings, STPS seeks to establish a series of spaces and events for page-poets just starting out, and for established page-poets in the area who are looking to engage with and flesh out the page poetry scene in Peterborough and its environs.

In our first year we held six events, ranging from our aforementioned interactive readings to a Canadian poetry film event, and small press panel. We are always developing new ways of sharing poetry with the Peterborough community, and we hope that you will grow with us… because we need your help:

If you know of a page-poet in Peterborough, or if you are a page-poet in the city looking for an event to showcase your unique poetic talents, check out our Submissions page to see if our series is a good fit for your work. Please keep in mind that STPS will be looking to work very closely with you should you be selected as a feature at one of our events, so please do not send us your work unless you are willing to put more of yourself on display than you would as a feature at a more traditional reading.

If you don’t think STPS is a good fit for your work, maybe you’ll look to build your own series, small press, or series of literary events… YES! That’s what we want more than anything! The more poetry events the better! If you need help marketing or finding an audience for your projects, we can help.

Keep checking in at our website for information on upcoming readings, announcements, and other literary and artistic happenings in our city!