Hello STPSers!

I have just uploaded another collection in the Gallery. There is an explainer there, so as opposed to me telling you what to expect, please just go check it out, if you like!

STPS will soon be moving away from Facebook to concentrate more on (1) the website, (2) Instagram, and (3) a Mailchimp newsletter, to disseminate STPS information in the future. Honestly, we’re just not sure what Facebook is for anymore, Zuckerberg’s a monster, and it’s having a profoundly negative effect on our mental health (and has for some time), so we’re done. Admittedly we were only keeping it around for event pages, but since there won’t be any in-person events for some time, AND the Facebook event page mechanism is a completely unhelpful and unintuitive mess, STPS will be leaving Facebook for good. We will still keep the page up, for posterity and for contact information, but otherwise it will be entirely inactive.

I mean, wouldn’t physical invitations be a much lovelier way to invite someone to an event? Wouldn’t it be nice to put work into making keepsake broadsides for event posters, like Peterborough’s O, Underworld! Press does? Anyhow, a lot of changes coming to STPS… we hope you’ll take the ride with us.

Love you,


Web Update / KEYBOARDS! Performance Announcement

Hello STPSers!

Justin Million here.

I have uploaded a slideshow of one of my redaction projects called The Headless Truth. It’s available in the Gallery menu. There is also a link for download just below the posted slideshow, if you’d rather. Check it out!

Also, have you picked up your copy of my first book EJECTA: The Uncollected KEYBOARDS! Poems? Here is the link, if you haven’t: https://www.etsy.com/listing/769317864/justin-million-ejecta-the-uncollected

As a fun and ideally entertaining means of promoting the book I will be performing a KEYBOARDS! set live on Facebook, on Sunday May 17th at 8PM… I know, all you KEYBOARDS! fans know that we usually do it on the last Sunday of the month, but hey, things change, and I wanna get right to it! I’ll be posting an update of exactly what to expect a few days before the event, so stay tuned to our website, Facebook page, or Instagram.

I will also be announcing a KEYBOARDS! reclamation project of sorts, the night of the performance, so if you’d please get your KEYBOARDS! poems ready to scan or photograph to send to me, I would be grateful.

Thanks, team! Hope you are all well, and doing what you can to help yourselves, and others. Stay frosty.

Love you,



Do you wanna buy a book?

Hello folks,

Justin Million here, for the Show and Tell Poetry Series.

This past weekend would have been the launch of my first trade book ‘EJECTA’ (Apt. 9 Press) at VerseFest Ottawa, the capital’s international poetry festival. Like many other events over the last few weeks, it was postponed.

For those of you who know me, you know that this book means a lot to me. This book is my long and conflicted love letter to Peterborough, to Hunter Street, to The Garnet set, to the last few years…

I held the book in my hands for the first time a little over a week ago. I got to flip through it, look at Andy Carroll’s pictures, admire Graeme Kennedy’s cover design, and just really get to appreciate what Cameron Anstee at Apt. 9 Press made possible for me… but I felt strange promoting it, given everything else that was happening, and then felt bad that I wasn’t promoting it, etc. I know what it’s like to not have expendable income (but surely you’re all thinking “What would a poet know about financial hardship?”), and everyone right now is worried about what’s coming next, or what might not be coming…

But now it’s reached the point where the press is getting ready to ship pre-orders, folks are asking me where they can find my book, and, what’s more, I’m just damn proud of the thing, and damnit I deserve to show it around, talk about it, and maybe even sell it. Cameron made a beautiful book. I wrote some things that I’m still proud of almost a couple years later (not proud of everything… “they can’t all be winners”), and that’s saying a lot, and if you happen to have the ability and desire to buy books right now, please consider this one… If you live in Peterborough, you might even be in it.


As soon as we’re able we’ll have a Peterborough launch for the book, at The Garnet, of course. We’ll let you know.

Until then,
stay home and read a fucking book.

Thanks friends,

Justin Million
Show and Tell Poetry Series

National Poetry Month cancellation announcement

Show and Tell Poetry Series has cancelled all National Poetry Month (April) programming.

I know, I’m sure you’re all shocked and appalled. How could we? Well, organizing events can be difficult at the best of times, and instead of making plans that will inevitably be cancelled, and then having to make new plans which will inevitably be cancelled, etc, we have decided to just stop pestering our contributors and booking agents with emails and contingencies and what not, and just push everything into May, at the earliest.

There are enough online concerts, poetry readings, theatre, etc happening right now that we will not be pursuing a virtual poetry reading experience of any kind, so please don’t recommend in the comments that we do the same… that’s just not our thing. Instead, we’ll be taking time to organize and conceptualize future events, and to ACTUALLY READ AND WRITE SOME POETRY… what a concept!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s quarantine work, tho remember to always think bigger, or smaller… the virus itself may be the least interesting thing about times like these.

Thanks for reading this.
And, just thanks for reading.

Justin Million
Show and Tell Poetry Series

STPS does Precarious Festival!



STPS is so excited to announce that our very own Justin Million is one of a handful of local artists in Peterborough chosen to do an Artist-In-Residency for the second iteration of the magnificent Precarious Festival in Peterborough!


STPS/Justin will be hosting four events from Nov. 15th-Dec. 9th at The Garnet, including:

Nov. 18th – The Down ‘n Out Revue (with Chris Conway) – 8PM

Nov. 25th – Art for Introverts (feat. Wes Grist, and Art for Introverts creator Melissa Johnston) – 8PM

Dec. 3rd – Kitchen Talks (feat. Brad Brackenridge, Justin Million, John Marris, and Esther Vincent) – 8PM

Dec. 9th – KEYBOARDS! FAMILY! CHRISTMAS! (feat. assorted friends) – 8PM

…and all the events are FREE!

I could give you a full rundown on all of the events in the festival, but instead I’d prefer to make you visit Precarious Festival 2 to check out ALL of the festival’s amazing offerings!

It is STPS’ humble opinion that the Precarious Festival is the most important festival in the city, due to its mandate of shining a light on issues surrounding precarity, such as wage insecurity, food insecurity, basic income, marginalization, reconciliation efforts, etc by including experts and artists in the round, thereby providing a breadth of context and information to such complicated issues.

Join me in celebrating what local artists do everyday, which is undertaking the direct transmission of hope, beauty, and wonder regardless of being generally underpaid, overworked, and overlooked, for the betterment of our small but passionate society in Peterborough.

Show up. Experience art.

Let’s give these Peterborough artists a hand!

STPS does Revues now…?

If you’ve been keeping up with Show and Tell Poetry Series you have noticed that we haven’t done a traditional reading in quite a while. We will be revisiting such events in the new year (with a few twists!), but we have been very busy doing a monthly show with Chris Conway*, on a different theme each month, at The Twisted Wheel. We are calling these shows “revues”, as Chris brings context to our chosen theme each month through music, and I (Justin Million) bring context through poetry and by curating a series of projections to be presented at each show.

Our next revue is Monday, November 18th at 8PM at The Garnet as STPS begins its slate of four events for the Precarious Festival! See our next post for all the pertinent info on the festival.

Here are some pics from the revues for you to enjoy / to prime yourself for our next weird session!


*Julia Fenn and a couple of special guests joined us for The Hi How Are You Revue (a tribute to Daniel Johnston).

STPS + House of Anansi collaboration!

Tomorrow night we’ll be hosting an event in collaboration with the inimitable House of Anansi press to celebrate the reissuing of John Thompson’s ‘Stilt Jack’!


Please join us!

Rob Winger, who wrote the introduction for the reprint, will be on hand to talk about the influence of Thompson’s work on his own life and poetry, and Justin Million (me!), Joseph Cassidy-Skof, and Carlin Gorecki will also read their favorite Thompson ghazals, and maybe read a few of their own to show how Thompson’s work has touched their life also.

And there will be Sam’s Deli sammies (for free!) and beer available from The Publican House!



Running; Reading with mom; First Friday; Book launch; Workshop; Book Fair; then rest…?

Hello all!

As one of the founders of the current Write On The Street creative writing studio/storefront at 388 George St, I have taken it upon myself to curate some outside the box events for writers, the first of which takes place tomorrow. Check out the event page link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/608725076261886/?event_time_id=608725089595218

Also very proud to be hosting my mom Tracy’s first poetry reading, as a Show and Tell Poetry Series/Write On The Street collaboration! Check out that event link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/363075044315448/

Also(!) I will be hosting an event at Write On The Street for the First Friday art crawl on Friday, June 7th called “Justin Million’s Happy Hour”. Event page and info forthcoming.

Also(!!) Show and Tell will be hosting a book launch on June 11th. Can’t WAIT to tell you about that one. Event page and info forthcoming today or tomorrow.

Also(!!!) I will be co-running a visual art/poetry workshop with Birgitta MacLeod at META 4 Gallery in Peterborough on June 15th. There are still a few spots left. I know the cost of the workshop is prohibitive for some, but because you get to work with two artists it’s essentially two workshops, and you get to take a painting home with you! If you’re interested, contact info/event link here: https://www.meta4gallery.ca/store/p451/Message%2C_Meaning_%26_Mixed_Media%2C__Saturday%2C_June_15%2C__10_am_-_4_pm_-_PETERBOROUGH.html

Finally, I will be joining bird, buried press boss Elisha Rubacha in Ottawa for the Small Press Fair at the Jack Purcell Centre on June 22nd. Huzzah!

…but other than all that I’m not really doing much.

Love you,